Our site inspections will allow us to determine exactly what services you will require to resolve your animal control issues. The inspection will take around 30-40 minutes and cover all areas of your home or business. We will be able to provide a written explanation of all services we recommend along with details on what type of animals you have that need to be removed. We handle all sizes of problem critters and both commercial and residential properties.

The first step will be to walk around your building. If you noticed a bat flying out of your attic we will know we are looking for signs of an active entry point for bats. If you are hearing scratching in your walls we will look for bats but also may find it is mice or birds. The walk around will let us spot problem areas from the ground before we go into your home so we know where in the attic we are likely going to find the attic pest.

We will then search your attic for signs of the animals. If you looked yourself you may only find bat guano or other animal droppings. The animals themselves will often burrow into the attic insulation so you will not be able to see them directly. We will identify the active entry points and through that be able to find whatever problem animal it is. Whether we find bird nests, bat guano, tunneling from mice in your insulation, or other animal droppings we can handle it. No problem is too big or complex.

Once we have determined exactly what type of animal we are dealing with and evaluated the services that will be needed we will explain all your options to you. We are a 100% green animal removal company. We offer live animal trapping and relocation services. We also offer wildlife proofing to address all the problem areas we find during the inspection. If the attic has been contaminated with animal waste we also offer full service attic restoration. No matter the wildlife problem we can help fix it.

The Bat Specialists of Michigan are proud to offer you free competitive quotes for all bat removal and bat control jobs. You must provide proof of payment to another bat removal company for an estimate to redeem this offer. We will not charge another service fee to do a competitive quote for your bat removal job in Livingston County (up to $125.00). Our bat control experts can offer a competitive quote and we back all of our work by our 5 year guarantee. Call us at 248-361-1528 for more information today!

Site inspection services are offered in the following cities in Livingston County, Michigan: BrightonFlemingFowlervilleHartlandHowellPinckneyWhitmore Lake, and all other surrounding areas.