attic restoration livingston county michiganWe are proud to offer a wildlife control solution that covers all services you may need to be completely free from any damage or impact the animals have had on your home. We live trap and remove all animals and use a live bat and bird removal process. Once the animals are gone we offer a attic restoration service that will return your home to a healthy and habitable place. It is a critical step in the process and it not offered by all animal removal companies. We can handle your issues from beginning to end.

The first step in the attic restoration process is to ensure that the wildlife have been removed from the attic and that proper wildlife proofing has been performed. If the animals still have access to your attic we will not be successful in restoring it. We can do all your animal removal and wildlife proofing prior to your attic restoration.

The second thing we will do is setup temporary flooring and lighting in your attic. This will allow us to be able to get around properly and assess the total damage that we are looking to fix. We will also setup vapor barriers or plastic sheeting to ensure that no contaminants get into your lower levels of you home during the attic restoration process. This step is important as the materials we are dealing with can be hazardous to your health.

Once those barriers are up we can start the actual removal of the contaminated materials. We will use high powered vacuums to take out the waste whenever possible. If the materials cannot be removed by vacuum we will use heavy duty construction garbage bags. This will all be done through a vent or top level window to minimize any materials being brought into your home.  The damaged areas and fecal matter need to all be removed to ensure you do have further problems from mold, fungi, bacteria, and bugs.

The final step after removing the materials is to disinfect the areas soiled. We will use a antimicrobial spray to ensure we kill off the bacteria present. We will then deodorize the areas to ensure the smell, if any, is dealt with. We will then install the new insulation. We have several products we use and will discuss the best one with you. Installing the insulation will return your attic to pristine condition and it often means it is at a higher insulation rating then it was prior to starting. This will help with energy efficiency! Many times home insurance will cover this process, ask us for more information!

Attic restoration services are offered in the following cities in Livingston County, Michigan: BrightonFlemingFowlervilleHartlandHowellPinckneyWhitmore Lake, and all other surrounding areas.