animal trapping livingston county michiganWe are the premiere animal trapping provider in Livingston County. We can handle trapping all sizes of animals from mice to coyote. If you have nuisance wildlife we have a trap to remove it with. We can trap animals as small as a mouse and do so regularly. We are also able to trap animals as large a coyote and relocate them. We relocate them to another area within Livingston County to ensure that we are not spreading rabies across county lines. Animal trapping can be difficult if you do not possess the correct tools and knowledge.

You need to ensure that you can identify what type of animal you are trying to trap. The size of the cage used and the bait used will vary depending on your target animal. Some animals are nocturnal so baiting during the day will not likely catch the problem critter. It is very important to identify the area the target animal is living in. If you saw a raccoon on your property but do not know the place it is sleeping it may be very difficult to trap it. You may trap a different raccoon and not realize there is another one still living on property that will cause you more issues.

It is important to plan for the weather as well. When doing live animal trapping in Livingston County it is critical to make sure your bait stays fresh. The bait is what is going to make or break trapping the problem animal. If you bait and trap and it rains it will be important to replace the bait quickly or you may miss an opportunity to catch the problem animal.

You also need to locate the food source of the animal that needs to be trapped. If you can find where they are feeding that is another area that you can set a trap with bait to remove them. Seeing where the animal is feeding and what they are feeding on will also give a great deal of clues to what type of animal we are dealing with. We do not go into any animal trapping situation assuming we know what type of animal we are after. We look for signs whether it is tracks, feces, or many other things that can tell us what type of nuisance animal we are dealing with. That allows us to bait appropriately as not all animals are attracted to the same type of bait.

After all that the main ingredients in animal trapping are patience and persistence. It may take longer then you would like but proper animal trapping can be a lengthy process. Our goal is to get the problem animal within one full day of having the traps baited and set. If the animal is not hungry it can take a few days to get them. We will take away all other food sources to ensure that when they do get hungry they go after what we have offered. We will relocate the animals we trap far enough away that you won’t have to worry about them returning. We can also offer wildlife proofing if the animal has made entry points into your attic or home. If you have an issue with domestic animals please call Livingston County Animal Control.

Animal trapping services are offered in the following cities in Livingston County, Michigan: BrightonFlemingFowlervilleHartlandHowellPinckneyWhitmore Lake, and all other surrounding areas.