If you are looking for a 100% green bat removal and wildlife control company look no further. We specialize in services that resolve your animal control needs in Livingston County, Michigan. Our processes are all done with the conservation of the wildlife in mind. We do not use poisons or kill traps for any animals. In this sense our methods differ from many other animal control companies. For bats and bird we use a live removal process that allows the animals to leave their nests or roosts on their own. For other pests we use live trapping and relocation to resolve your issues. We offer our full range of animal trapping services to all of Livingston County. We will trap animals of all sizes including mice, squirrel, opossums, raccoon, coyote, and more.

The majority of the work we do in Livingston County, Michigan is for bat removal, bat control, bird removal, or mice control. Our bird and bat services are backed by our 5 year warranty. We are able to do this because of our expertise in removing these types of animals and our ability to wildlife proof your home after the service is complete. Unless changes are made to the home there is not a chance these types of animals will gain access again.

We are proud to offer a full service attic restoration program as well. When you have animals removed from your attic they are going to leave behind waste and contamination. If you do not properly deal with this you can have a lot of issues with mold, fungi, and bacteria in your home or business. We can remove the contaminated materials, disinfect, and deodorize the areas requiring attention. We can then lay new insulation as required which will in most cases leave you with better energy efficiency then you have ever had.

We offer the following animal control services in Livingston County, Michigan

  • Bat removal and control
  • Beaver removal and dam destruction
  • Bird control and removal
  • Coyote trapping and relocation
  • Feral cat removal
  • Fox trapping and reloction
  • Groundhog removal
  • Mice removal and control
  • Mole trapping and relocation
  • Opossum removal
  • Raccoon removal and relocation
  • Rat control and removal
  • Skunk trapping and removal
  • Snake removal
  • Squirrel removal
  • Wildlife proofing
  • Dead deer removal

We offer services to both residential and commercial buildings in Livingston County. We have the expertise and experience to resolve any kind of animal control need. We use techniques that are conservation friendly and 100% green. We back our work by a 5 year guarantee for bats and birds. It is our pleasure to offer a full range of services for any type of problem animal in Livingston County. If you want more information please call us today.

The Bat Specialists of Michigan are proud to offer you free competitive quotes for all bat removal and bat control jobs. You must provide proof of payment to another bat removal company for an estimate to redeem this offer. We will not charge another service fee to do a competitive quote for your bat removal job in Livingston County (up to $125.00). Our bat control experts can offer a competitive quote and we back all of our work by our 5 year guarantee. Call us at 248-361-1528 for more information today!

We do not handle anything to do with domestic animals. For situations dealing with domestic animal control please call the Livingston County Animal Control.

If you need any of the above services they are offered in the following cities in Livingston County, Michigan: Brighton, Fleming, Fowlerville, Hartland, Howell, Pinckney, Whitmore Lake, and all other surrounding areas.