Removing Michigan Bats:

Removing Michigan bats is usually a job for the professionals. Timing is important as you do not want to do exclusions when young bats are not yet able to fly. If your hearing scratching in your walls or ceiling at night you might have a bat issue. Our team of experts will do a inspection of your home to find out where your bats are roosting and how big the colony is. Once its determined how big a bat problem you have we can then decide on the best exclusion process. If your colony is made up of male bachelor bats we can start the removal process right away. If there are maternal bats and they have pups roosting we will have to wait before excluding them. Since the pups are not flying yet doing an exclusion now would trap them in your home. Without their mothers they will die causing a bigger mess in your attic.

Bat Exclusion:

The first thing we do when starting a bat exclusion is to install the one way bat doors. This will allow the bats to leave but not be able to return. This process causing the bats to have to find a new roosting place. Next we will make sure all the bats have left your home and we will then start repairs. These repairs include things like sealing any openings in vents, gables or screens. Doing repairs will help ensure the bats do not return to your attic. Finally, we will do any attic clean up needed. Depending on the size of the colony will determine if you need just a spot clean or a full attic restoration. We offer a five year warranty on all repairs made during the exclusion process.

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