Michigan Summer Bats:

In Michigan summer bats are getting their fill while helping to control the insect population. These bats can eat up to 6000 bugs per night, more than half their body weight! Most people are scared of these bats flying around their houses at night. Although in reality the bats are helping our environment while keeping the bugs under control. Bats are not naturally aggressive towards humans but if being handled or messed with they may bite. This is a defense mechanism all wildlife has.

One way to keep the bats around while also deterring them from roosting in your home or out buildings is to build bat houses on your property. This will give them a proper place to roost between feedings or even provide a nursery for mothers and pups. Female bats give birth once a year to one to two pups. The pup stays with its mom for around the first two weeks in order to nurse, then by three weeks old they are able to be left in the nursery roost while the mom feeds. By four weeks they are full sized and can fly and hunt on their own.

If you think you may have bats in your home or out building its best to call an experts in bat removal. If you have a bat nursery roost now is the time to start the exclusion process. Our technicians will make sure all juvenile bats can fly before sealing and installing one way bat doors. This will ensure that the mothers and babies are all able to fly out freely. Bat Specialists of Michigan will solve all your bat problems from start to finish. Satisfaction Guaranteed!! Call today for your home inspection 248-800-4126