Bat Maternity Season

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Bat Maternity Season: The exact dates of bat maternity season in the U.S. vary according to the climate. Warmer states have an earlier maternity season, and cooler states have a slightly later maternity season. The dates for Michigan vary between early June and mid August.. By the end of the bat maternity season, all of the pups born in the spring will be able to fly, and they will no longer be left in the roost at night while the mothers feed....

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Professional Bat Removers

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Professional Bat Removers: Bat Specialists of Michigan, your professional bat removers. We pride ourselves in providing top notch, quality work for all our customers. Our staff includes field technicians that are highly trained and certified in the industry. As a result, we take the guess work out of bat removal and get the job done right. While others may say they are the best, we have proven it with over 10,000 successful bat exclusions....

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Bat Removal Professionals

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Bat Removal Professionals: Bat Specialist of Michigan is here for all your bat removal needs. All of our technicians are bat removal professionals with training and certification in the industry. Rest assured that when you call us you will receive only the best from start to finish. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Roosting Bats: A homeowner in Michigan reported hearing noise at night coming from their ceiling. A home inspection was set up and one of...

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Bats Entering Attic Space

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Bats Entering Attic Space: Bats entering attic space can become a real issue for homeowners. Here in Michigan, bats like to find places that remain between 35 and 45 degrees to survive the winters. Bats will sometimes end up in our homes because it provides shelter and warmth. Bats like to find warmer areas to hibernate in for the cold months. Resulting in attics becoming the perfect spot for a colony of bats to go. As the weather gets warmer...

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Bats Making Noise

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Bats Making Noise: Bats making noise in attic– We recently received a call from a homeowner in Clarkston. They were hearing scratching noises in the attic. Upon inspection, the technician found Brown Bats roosting in the attic. He was also able to find that the bats were gaining entry into the attic at the eaves on the roof line. The Exclusion Process: The exclusion process is the steps that technicians take to ensure the proper removal...

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Humane Wildlife Control – Livingston

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Humane Wildlife Control – Livingston – 248.361.1528 – We practice humane nuisance wildlife control and remove animals like raccoons, bats, birds, skunks, woodchucks, and many others. We take pride in helping residents take care of their problems with nuisance wildlife, bats in their home, and animal damage repairs. We have successfully completed hundreds of live bat exclusions on residential homes. We have trapped and...

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