Humane Bat Removal Services

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Humane Bat Removal Services: Bat Specialists of Michigan offers humane bat removal services to most of Southeast Michigan. We are proud members of Bat Conversation International and adhere to their standards. Our goal is to continue to help increase the bat populations of Michigan by only doing safe, and humane exclusions. Bats in the attic: Recently we were called out to a home where they had been hearing noises for some time. They thought it...

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Michigan Bat Populations Decline

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Michigan Bat Populations Decline: Michigan bat populations decline due to disease as well as man made hazards. Scientists believe both natural and human-made threats to bats could severely impact certain populations of Michigan’s bats over the next decade.  The main threat to the bat population comes in the form of white nose syndrome, causing fungus and destruction of their ecosystem. White-nose syndrome is a disease of hibernating bats...

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Michigan Summer Bats

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Michigan Summer Bats: In Michigan summer bats are getting their fill while helping to control the insect population. These bats can eat up to 6000 bugs per night, more than half their body weight! Most people are scared of these bats flying around their houses at night. Although in reality the bats are helping our environment while keeping the bugs under control. Bats are not naturally aggressive towards humans but if being handled or messed...

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Removing Michigan Bats

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Removing Michigan Bats: Removing Michigan bats is usually a job for the professionals. Timing is important as you do not want to do exclusions when young bats are not yet able to fly. If your hearing scratching in your walls or ceiling at night you might have a bat issue. Our team of experts will do a inspection of your home to find out where your bats are roosting and how big the colony is. Once its determined how big a bat problem you have we...

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Bat Maternity Season

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Bat Maternity Season: The exact dates of bat maternity season in the U.S. vary according to the climate. Warmer states have an earlier maternity season, and cooler states have a slightly later maternity season. The dates for Michigan vary between early June and mid August.. By the end of the bat maternity season, all of the pups born in the spring will be able to fly, and they will no longer be left in the roost at night while the mothers feed....

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