snake removal livingston county michiganWe are pleased to offer snake removal services in Livingston County. The Michigan Rattler is the only venomous snake species in Livingston County. We do have a wide range of species and we can handle them all including the poisonous one. We are snake removal experts and will take on any snake removal job. Snakes in Livingston County will generally stay away from people and not come in buildings. They eat mice, insects, and other small rodents. If you find a snake has made its way into your garage or basement please consider not killing it. Many people react by killing the snake when to humans they are harmless. They eat a lot of other problem critters so the best way to handle it is to have them removed.

Snake removal is done using snake tongs. We will locate the snake when we are called onsite and use the tongs to remove it immediately. It is best to have us come out when you know where the snake is. Some snake removal companies will use glue traps to catch snakes. This is not a humane way to deal with a snake problem. The snakes will either die on the glue trap from dehydration or be injured terribly when removed from the glue traps. Our snake removal techniques are 100% green and humane. We will work to coordinate our visit with you to ensure the snake is located so we can remove it immediately.

Snake removal services are offered in the following cities in Livingston County, Michigan: BrightonFlemingFowlervilleHartlandHowellPinckneyWhitmore Lake, and all other surrounding areas.