skunk removal livingston county michiganEveryone in Livingston County is familiar with the terrible smell of a skunk. Our skunk removal services cover all of Livingston County. Skunk use a scent gland to deter would be predators. This gland can spray an oil up to 10 feet away. In general this is not a problem for adults as we learn at any early age to avoid skunks and give them a wide berth. Pets are not as clued in on what a skunk is and usually have to learn the hard way that skunks are no fun to play with. Skunks will eat grubs and other insects and will not want anything to do with being in your home. The smell and risk to pets being sprayed is what makes them a problem animal.

We use live trapping and relocation for skunk removal in Livingston County. We are experts in animal trapping. Skunks will be trapped and then moved far enough away that they will not return to the area. If you are having issues with a skunk please give us a call today.

It is a myth that tomato juice will fix being sprayed by a skunk. It will act to mask the smell but will not actually remove it. The best way to remove the skunk oil is with a mixture of dish soap, peroxide, and baking soda. Do not ever store this mixture in a sealed container. The reason this works is because it oxidizes the chemical in the skunk oil that smells so bad. It will actually resolve the issue compared to tomato juice which just acts to hide the smell until it wears off.

Skunk removal services are offered in the following cities in Livingston County, Michigan: BrightonFlemingFowlervilleHartlandHowellPinckneyWhitmore Lake, and all other surrounding areas.