rat removal livingston county michiganRat removal is another service we are happy to offer in Livingston County. Rats carry a lot of disease and can live in very unhealthy environments. They are scavengers and will be found where food waste or other garbage is readily available. Rats will make nests out of various materials and if they have access to a food source will thrive in conditions you would not expect any animal to do well in. We do rat removal on all types of property in Livingston County. Rat populations can get out of hand quickly inside a commercial or residential property.

Rats in the attic can do extensive damage in a short period of time. They will burrow into insulation and soil it with their urine and feces. Rats will also chew the wires in your attic which can cause fires to break out. We use live trapping techniques to remove rats from your home or business. We are proud to use 100% green and humane methods for rat removal in Livingston County. Rat feces and rat themselves will carry disease so it is very important to have their waste properly dealt with after they have been removed. We are happy to offer full service attic restoration to deal with issues of any severity. If you have rats give us a call today.

Rat removal services are offered in the following cities in Livingston County, Michigan: BrightonFlemingFowlervilleHartlandHowellPinckneyWhitmore Lake, and all other surrounding areas.