mole removal livingston county michiganMole removal is a service we are proud to offer in all of Livingston County. Moles will tunnel through you yard eating grubs and insects. They are not interested in going in your home or doing anything other then eating grubs and insects in your yard. Unfortunately as they burrow through your yard they can really do a number on your grass. They will leave large mounds of dirt anywhere they are burrowing and their tunnels will disturb the ground making it less sturdy to walk in. If you have moles in your yard you will know and if you like keeping your grass immaculate you will want to be rid of them quickly.

We do live mole trapping to remove moles from home and business owners yards all over Livingston County. We use 100% green and humane removal techniques. We are mole removal experts and can assure you we can take care of any size problem. The only alternative method to remove moles that we recommend is using a grub treatment on your yard. This will take away a lot of what is attracting the mole to your yard in the first place and may result in them moving on without professional intervention. If you have mounds of dirt and soft spots showing up in your yard call us today.

Mole removal services are offered in the following cities in Livingston County, Michigan: BrightonFlemingFowlervilleHartlandHowellPinckneyWhitmore Lake, and all other surrounding areas.