mice removal livingston county michiganMice removal is one of the many areas we are experts in Livingston County. Mice can be found in all types of buildings. If there is a food source available and a way in mice will find it eventually. Mice can get into an attic or home using a hole the width of a pencil. They love to chew as well so if holes need to be larger they can take care of that. They can be very difficult to exclude from your property. It is important to know that mice use the same paths over and over again. They do not have good eyesight and rely more on smell and touch for making their way around. For this reason they will leave droppings and urinate very frequently while moving around. This gives them a road map of the area they have already been through to follow when they come back through. This makes them dangerous to have in your home as well because they will soil your food and that of your pets if they can get access to it. They make short work of chewing through food packaging to get at what is inside.

If they are in your attic we will be able to tell pretty quickly. Your insulation will have half dollar size holes all over it where mice have burrowed in to create nests. We find acorn and other nuts in attics with mice very often. They will soil your insulation quickly and can also chew your electrical wires. This can cause fire and is a cause for concern. You will hear them in your walls as the weather gets colder in the attic. They will burrow deeper into the insulation and end up in your walls. You may end up with mice on all levels of your home if they have a food source they can exploit. They have 50-100 young a year so the population can get very out of hand quickly if not addressed.

We use 100% green and humane methods for mice removal in Livingston County. The mice will be live trapped and relocated. This may take us setting the traps out several times depending on the size of the problem. Once the mice are all removed we can offer wildlife proofing services to deal with how they were getting in. We can offer solutions that will help make it harder to let mice in your home but the bottom line is that mice can chew their way in so if they want in it is difficult to keep them out. Limiting reasons that they may want in, like open food containers, will help immensely. If mice have damaged your insulation in your attic we offer full service attic restoration as well. We can return your home to a healthy environment to live in once again.

Mice removal services are offered in the following cities in Livingston County, Michigan: BrightonFlemingFowlervilleHartlandHowellPinckneyWhitmore Lake, and all other surrounding areas.