Brighton Bat Control

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Brighton Bat Control -248.361.1528- We got a service call from a homeowner that has had a couple bats in his home the past few weeks. The home was built a couple years ago and no recent work was done to the roof or home. Our technician completed a full bat inspection and found no signs of bats in the attic but there are 21 open eaves that were found along with 8 open gable vents. On Friday, our technician will seal all areas that were found...

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Possible Bats in Livingston County

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Possible Bats in Livingston County, MI – 248.361.1528 – In Brighton, a service call came in for possible bats in the attic. The homeowners said that they were out in their yard last night and happen to see what appeared to be a bat fly to a spot in their roof and went inside. Concerned, they called us to come out to their home and check out the situation. The technician that went to their home completed a full inspection and found...

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Livingston Live Bat Removal

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Livingston Live Bat Removal – 248.361.1528 – Live bat removal is our specialty. We have been servicing the Hartland Township, Michigan area for over 20 years. We practice only 100% green removal techniques that are in line with the bat conservation international organizations guidelines for removing bats. We utilize one-way doors to ensure that bats are able to leave the roost on their own. Once they have left they are unable to...

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Your Bat Removal Experts

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Your Bat Removal Experts – 248.361.1528 – We are the Bat Specialists of Michigan. Owner and operator of Sullivan’s Nuisance Animal Control. We have been providing animal control in Oakland County, MI for 20 plus years. We started our animal control services originally as wild animal trappers. Around 20 years ago we were inquired about many bat removal and bat control projects. Recognizing the issues and concerns from homeowners of...

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Livingston County Fall Bat Exclusions

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Livingston County Fall Bat Exclusions – 248.361.1528 – Bat removal, bat control, and bat exclusions during the Fall months are often the best times to complete bat eviction. During the beginning of fall, all juvenile pups are in full flight and aren’t at risk of being trapped into their dwelling area (attic, eaves, walls, vents, etc.). Fall months are often cool, but most times the nights are still warm enough for all the bats to...

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