Site Inspections in Livingston

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Site Inspections in Livingston County, MI – 248.361.1528 –  Our site inspections can be done on any type of property and of any size. They can cover both residential and commercial. No job is too big or small for us. We provide a thorough inspection of all aspects of the site and determine the best way forward to address it on the spot. We provide a full-service inspection to identify the scope and depth of your nuisance wildlife...

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Fall Bat Exclusions

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Fall Bat Exclusions -248.361.1528- Bat removal, bat control, and bat exclusions during the Fall months are often the best times to complete bat eviction. During the beginning of fall, all juvenile pups are in full flight and aren’t at risk of being trapped into their dwelling area (attic, eaves, walls, vents, etc.). Fall months are often cool, but most times the nights are still warm enough for all the bats to leave their roost for food and...

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Bat Control Services

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Importance of Bat Control Services – 248.361.1528 – If a bat colony is left without being disturbed in can double each year as pups are born. This can be a situation where a colony if addressed early on may not cause a lot of damage. A colony roosting unchecked can wreak havoc inside a building. Bats are crucial to our ecosystem as they keep bug populations in check but the need to control where they roost is very important to keep...

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Live Bat Removal

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Live Bat Removal Services of Livingston County – 248.361.1528 – Another service call came in from a homeowner that had two bats in their house during the night. Our on-call technician and went to the residence and located and removed the bats from the home. The next morning our technician went back to the residence and completed a full bat inspection of the attic, roof, and perimeter of the home. It was found brown bats are entering the home...

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Steve Mobley Memorial Golf Classic

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Steve Mobley Memorial Golf Classic- 248.361.1528 – We take pride in being able to take part in local community events. Over the weekend, Bat Specialist of Michigan was able to take part in the Steve Mobley Memorial Golf Classic. Bat Specialist of Michigan is proud to have been a major sponsor for the event. The whole classic was a success and we were proud to take part in such a great...

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