Mice Removal

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Mice Removal – Livingston County, MI A customer had called stating that they hear noises in the walls of their home. We sent a technician out where he did a full inspection of the home. He had found mice was the culprit for the noises they were hearing. They were gaining access to the home through an opening in the electrical box, and through open vents on the outside of the home. We sealed the openings in the electrical box and put new...

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Bat Inspection – Livingston County, MI

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Animal Control, Bat Control |

Bat Inspection – Livingston County, MI We did a bat inspection and found that brown bats are getting into the attic because of a gap between the brick and the beam near the deck. Our bat exclusion will include us sealing all possible entry points and installing one-way bat doors. The bat doors allow the bats to leave, but not allow them to get back inside. We will also be installing a screen to cover the large gap near the brick. Soon as...

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Bat removal Livingston County MI

Posted by on Feb 20, 2016 in Bat Control, Opossum Removal, Raccoon Removal, Rat Removal, Skunk Removal, Snake Removal, Squirrel Removal |

Bat Removal Livingston County, MI Bat Control Michigan is our specialty. The majority of our work comes from bat removal and for this reason, we are members of the Bat Conservation International organization. This allows us to stay on top of trending issues with bats and techniques to deal with them. It is critical that the bat population in Michigan be protected as they eat 500-1000 insects a night. Imagine how overrun, we would be with...

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Bat Exclusion Livingston County MI

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Bat Exclusion Livington County, MI If you are hearing scratching in your walls or fluttering late at night you could have bats in your attic. The species of bats in Michigan are dwelling bats. This means that they roost in caves or similar structures. Your attic is an ideal place that has a lot of places to keep warm and be high up and away from predators. Bats in Michigan live in colonies which can mean if left unchecked, your attic can...

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Bat Removal

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Here in Livingston County, we have gotten a lot of calls from homeowners having issues with bats in their attics. This Winter has been on the mild side for us which has made bats more active. Spring and Fall are the best times to do bat removals. In the Spring time, bats are very active and leaving the roost to eat and get water often. They will be flying getting food to gain the weight they had lost during the Winter months to get ready for...

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